What is the replication, expansion and merging mode of LCD splicing screen

We often hear about the replication mode, expansion mode and merge mode of LCD splicing screen. So what are the differences between these modes, where are they used, and how to realize them? Let’s analyze them first.
LCD splicing screen expansion mode: commonly used in design, office and home applications.
In fact, this mode is to expand the scope of the entire screen content, and expand the display content through the combination of two or more displays. For example, if you want to play a video on one monitor and play another video on another monitor, this mode can be easily implemented. Take the Windows 7 system as an example, just right click on the desktop and select “Screen resolution”. In the pop-up dialog box, select “Expand these displays” from the drop-down menu of the “Multi display” sub-item, and click “Apply”. The screen will expand. In the expansion mode, the resolution of each display device can be set separately.
LCD splicing screen copy mode: mainly used in conferences, business displays, teaching and other places.
This mode is equivalent to completely copying the main screen to other screens. The content displayed on each single screen of the splicing screen is the same. Its setting mode is similar to the expansion mode, except that in the “Multi display” drop-down menu, select the “Copy these displays” option, and then click “Apply”. This is to remind you that the copy mode can only be set according to the lower resolution, that is, the device with the smallest resolution in the multi-screen display system determines the resolution of the whole picture, which is a disadvantage of the copy mode.
LCD splicing screen merging mode: mainly used for outdoor large-scale display, games, etc.
This mode is to combine the pictures of multiple displays to form a picture effect. This setting needs to be implemented through the graphics card driver.


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