Which questions should be paid attention to when purchasing LCD splicing screen

1、 Is it true that the thinner the LCD splicing screen, the better?
The answer is, no. Thin is only a process of the product. For the LCD splicing screen, the thinner the LCD splicing unit is, the higher the requirements for its production process will be. If the process is not qualified, it is easy to cause bad points on the screen. At present, the LCD splicing screen itself on the market is quite light and beautiful, and it is also very convenient in installation and maintenance. When we choose to buy the LCD splicing screen, we should try to choose the appropriate thickness according to our own needs, instead of blindly pursuing narrow and thin.
2、 Is the larger the size of LCD splicing screen, the greater the power consumption?
The answer is no, the reason why LCD splicing screen has become the darling of touch display industry is its low energy consumption. This has little to do with the size of the LCD splicing screen. The main impact on power consumption is the number of LCD splicing units in the LCD splicing screen display system, which directly affects the power consumption of the LCD splicing screen.
3、 Does the color of LCD mosaic screen decay with time?
Certainly not. Although no color difference is the key promotion advantage of LCD splicing screen, the longer the product is used, the slower the performance is the normal response. Only the quality of products from different manufacturers will vary, and the performance of some manufacturers’ products will remain longer in use.
Therefore, it is best to choose manufacturers with rich experience, strength and good service when purchasing LCD splicing screens. They can not only provide high-quality products, but also provide you with project solutions for reference in the industry.


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