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Dongguan Taizhong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013, focus ondigital signage solution more than 10 years with our own R&D department. We committedto the latest technology application, design, research and development of commercial ad.vertising displays to supermarket, shopping mall, hotel, bank, hospital, transportation etcWe always uphold the customer first, practical innovation, craftsman spirit, sharing andwin-win business philosophy.Our products are mainly exported to North American, Euro.pean and Middle Eastern markets.

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The color is bright and bright, the image is stable and does not flicker, and Taizhong splicing large screen assists the inspection station

The physical resolution of the LCD splicing screen can easily reach the retina level that cannot be distinguished by the naked eye. The brightness and …

Powering the service center, the LED full-color screen is energy-saving and environmentally friendly with stable performance

The service center introduced a full-color LED screen this time. The full-color LED screen adopts the latest LED technology and control technology, which makes the …

The color is bright and bright, the image is stable and does not flicker, and the large-screen technology helps create a modern office environment

Taizhong splicing screen is installed and built in the company lobby, with a fast update rate, and can release information in real time, so that …

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