Application industry of LCD display

1. Portable or portable products
Some small and lightweight products need LCD display, mainly including smart wear, handheld devices in industrial and medical fields. They have different requirements for the performance of related devices. For example, the devices used for smart wear usually require a wide viewing angle, good visibility in the sun, high definition and touchability. The devices used for handheld instruments have requirements for durability and service life.
2. Small and medium-sized fixed products
Such application scenarios mainly include automobile LCD screen, fixed instrument display screen, smart home display screen and so on. Such demands require high customization of devices and should have the ability to work stably for a long time. With these features as the basis, the corresponding functions can be guaranteed for long-term use, and frequent maintenance and replacement can avoid affecting the user’s experience and work efficiency.
3. Display products
Such uses mainly include conventional display equipment for home and public places, such as advertising machines and display screens used in elevators, stations, conference rooms and other places. This type of LCD display screen usually needs to have a wide visual angle, a long service life, and be able to adapt to the temperature and humidity changes in the semi-outdoor space. In some cases, it also needs to meet the touch requirements.

Application scenario of LED display

LED display screen is used for building curtain wall: LED display+building curtain wall has been distributed in many cities. The project of LED display+building curtain wall is mostly used in urban prosperous areas. It can not only save energy for lighting, but also promote and transmit information. The display screen can be used in urban landmark buildings, municipal buildings, automobile 4s stores, office building exterior walls, commercial streets, etc.
LED display is used for performance or event gathering, LED display is used for business center, LED display is used for indoor store, LED display is used for restaurant, LED display is used for hotel or resort lobby, LED display is used for exhibition hall, LED display is used for school, hospital, LED display is used for outdoor advertising, LED display is used for traffic guidance, LED display is used for monitoring room, LED display is used for dispatching and command center LED display screen is used in the stock exchange, LED display screen is used in the stadium

Digital signature application range

Digital signage is a new media concept. It refers to a multimedia professional audio-visual system that releases commercial, financial and entertainment information through large-screen terminal display equipment in large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, restaurants, cinemas and other public places where people gather.
The main solutions are as follows: government, enterprise building digital signs, bank private network digital signs, medical industry digital signs, business hall digital signs, chain organization digital signs, hotel multimedia digital signs, elevator multimedia digital signs, transportation industry digital signs, cinema digital signs, restaurant digital signs

What are our strengths?

The strong technical team ensures that the display technology has been ahead of the peers for a long time, and many achievements have won the national patent certification.

A group of experienced industrial product appearance designers and structural engineers have been gathered to provide new product development for customers in the industry.

Overall technical assistance from product improvement to mold production and manufacturing, product shell production and processing, and post-processing surface post-processing.

Large-scale modern workshop, advanced automatic production line, international quality inspection process

The products sold provide 1-3 years warranty and free after-sales maintenance, and there are more than 500 after-sales service outlets

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